Episode 9: ALL CORONA


Guests for Sundays show:

Dr John Zurlo, Head of Infections Disease at Jefferson University Hospitals, discusses symptoms in individuals. We are now seeing GI symptoms as the presenting picture in some patients. Dr. Zurlo emphasizes that young people can be carriers without symptoms and can actually get sick. What types of testing are being done as well as treatments are also discussed.

Mr. Dan Hilferty, CEO of Independence Blue Cross discusses how IBC has responded as a corporation and employer and  what IBC is saying to their insured members.

Dr. Ed Jasper, Head of Disaster Preparedness at Jefferson University Hospitals, discusses what’s happening at the hospital level; the consortium of hospitals in the city;  how manycases in the hospitals so far.  Where we are in comparison to New York in terms of the point in the spike/curve and if we have enough PPE?

Dr. Steve Alles, Director of Disease Control, City of Philadelphia discusses what’s happening on the city level; where can people get tested; are some areas of the city more affected than others? Does Philadelphia have enough ventilators?